Mechanical Suite for Intraocular Lenses:

  1. Compression Force and Compression Force Decay
  2. Axial Displacement
  3. Decentration and Tilt
  4. Angle of Haptic Contact
  5. Haptic Fatigue
  6. Haptic Pull Force
  7. Surface and Bulk Homogeneity
  8. Recovery after Folding/Injection

Polymer Materials Testing:

  1. Refractometry for refractive index determinations
  2. Stress-strain analysis
  3. Contact Angle Analysis
  4. Spectral Transmittance by UV/VIS Spectrophotometry

Device Imaging and Failure Analysis:

  1. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Biological Testing Programs:

Strategy and Management
Clients have routinely asked us for help with their pre-clinical biological testing strategy and implementation. We maintain excellent working relationship with several of the key testing labs including NAMSA, Nelson Laboratories, Pacific BioLabs, and Toxikon. We have managed the biological testing program on more than 10 projects over the past decade. Our service includes summaries of the biological tests for inclusion into the biological testing chapters of regulatory submissions.

Other Biomedical Devices:

While our history has been primarily in intraocular lenses we are comfortable providing testing services and technical expertise in other ophthalmic and biomedical devices. Indeed, virtually all of the techniques and knowledge we apply to intraocular lenses is transferable to other implantable devices. Don't hesitate to contact us regardless of the device or surgical field!

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