Optical / Mechanical Design For Aspheric, Toric, & Wavefront-Based Ophthalmic Lenses


Invision's Ophthalmic Lens Design & Prototyping Facility

With its Ophthalmic Lens Design and Prototyping facility, InVision Biomedical is equipped to manufacture various types of intraocular and contact lens designs from a selection of ophthalmic materials. InVision Biomedical can provide support at any stage of product development; including optical design/analysis, computer-aided design/modeling, material research and development, lens prototyping and fabrication, and mechanical/biocompatibility testing. With a combined experience of over 40 years of materials development, mechanical and optical design/testing, and IOL manufacturing. InVision personnel can make your "back-of-the-envelope" concepts a reality.


Machining Equipment and Technologies

CNC Ultra-Precision Lathe - Optoform 40, Sterling Precitech

Two-axis, computer controlled contouring lathe designed for high-speed lathing of spherical, multi-curve, aspheric, and custom edge design intraocular and contact lenses.


servosource_mini-millCNC Mini-Mill  - Servo, Servosource

Three-axis, precision CNC mill with a high-performance spindle.

Machining Process Technology

Icing Technology: Freeze blocking for hydrophobic acrylic materials. Provides precise, wax-free blocking.

Ophthalmic Lens Design Prototype Facility – InVision Biomedical

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Icing Technology can also be used for “clean” blocking of PMMA and hydrophilic acrylic materials.

Ophthalmic Lens Design

IOL Mechanical Design - CAD/CAM Software

SolidWorks - 3D Modeling using the latest Solidworks software for lens/optics designing and other mechanical equipment and fixtures


IOL Optical Design - Zemax Software For Optical System Design

Optical design capability for aspheric, toric, wavefront, and accommodating IOL models.


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