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Ophthalmic Device Materials Research – Intraocular Lens Design & Prototyping - ISO/FDA Regulatory Testing

Pioneers in the development of implantable intraocular lens materials, ISO/FDA testing protocols, and inspiration-to-approval project design, the scientists at InVision Biomedical have consistently provided successful outcomes for ophthalmic biomedical device innovators. Contact us to learn more.


Ophthalmic Materials

Need ophthalmic device materials research, development, and consulting services? InVision Biomedical is the leading ophthalmic materials research and technology center.

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Ophthalmic Lens Design & Prototyping

With its Design and Prototyping facility, InVision Biomedical is equipped to manufacture various types of intraocular lens designs. We can make your "back-of-the-envelope" concepts a reality.

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Ophthalmic Device Regulatory Testing

With its full "state-of-the-art" lab in Irvine, CA, InVision Biomedical provides testing and technical strategy services for the submission of FDA (IDE, 510k, and PMA) and CE regulatory filings.

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